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Neely and Rhys had such a beautiful wedding at the Baltimore Club in Kansas City, MO. They were both so relaxed the day of the wedding and went with the flow so even if something didn’t go according to plan no one ever knew. Because Kansas City is such an important place to this perfect match, they organized a Trolly to take them to a few different locations for portraits after they got ready in the President Hotel. Some advice from the newlyweds for those couple who are in the wedding process:

Rhys: My advice to couples would be make the wedding planning a team project. It was a great way for my wife and I to get to know each other, see how each other works, and how well we work together. It really brought us closer together. (Fellas: please note that showing up is 9/10s of your job so go to the flower appointments, the caterers, help pick your big days colors. It will give you so much insight as to how your bride works, thus great tools for your marriage).

… his favorite part of the day? The way Neely looked at him as we read our vows. In that moment, as we solidified our commitment to one another, nothing in our relationship really changed, but my perspective of what it truly means to be a husband sunk in and knowing that she felt the same way about me as I did about her made me the happiest man in the world (let’s be honest I was crying a bit).

Neely: The best advice I can give any bride out there is to relax as much as possible the day of (and make sure you eat!). I can guarantee that there might be problems and slight mess ups the day of but the best thing you can do is ignore it and have an incredible time with your new husband! This is your celebration, nobody will even realize that there is a problem unless you tell them there is. Your guests will be looking at you to judge the atmosphere, if you are having a great time they will too.

… and her favorite part of the day (in her words): Even though we did the first look previously, the best part of the day for me was looking at Rhys while I was walking down the aisle. There was so much emotion as I think we both realized that it was really happening! I will never ever forget the look on his face.

Our favorite part of the day came a few weeks later when we ran into this wonderful couple at the downtown grocery store and they told us, “You know you love your photographer when you want a picture taken with him at the end of the day!” Not being a big fan of standing in FRONT of the camera, it was hard to say no to these happy people!

DePrisco Photography

Dress – Altar Bridal (altarbridal.com)
Flowers – Erin Volante Floral
Hair and Makeup – Cara Sue Hall (www.chmakeupartistry.com)
Cake – Creative Cakes
Venue – Baltimore Club
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