Marissa and Matt | KC Engagement Session

Back when I (Cate) was a very young, self-taught photographer without a clue what I was doing (and John was finishing up his photojournalism degree at Mizzou, with a TOTAL clue what he was doing) Marissa asked me to take her senior pictures and we made a family trip to the Kansas City West Bottoms. I recently looked back at that senior session and just chuckled to myself… the editing was atrocious and now I just shake my head wondering why anyone ever paid me!

Now, many years have passed since those crazy edit days and Marissa is even more beautiful now than she was as a curly-haired 17-year-old… and to top it all off, she’s engaged and planning to celebrate her love with on love day: Valentine’s Day. She just laughed at the edits and asked John and me to photograph her princess wedding… and we can’t wait!

Matt and Marissa met at the gym. He was working at the cafe and she was working out. Some time passed before they both realized they’d been asking their mutual friends who the other one was and they finally went out on a date, and had their first kiss on a hammock. A year and a half later he picked out a beautiful ruby ring and asked her to marry him!

I had so much fun with these two near our studio in the River Market and a park for their engagement photos. Marissa told me whenever Matt sees a camera pointed at him he gets a deer-in-the-headlights look so I kept them talking and moving and interacting. He has such a great smile, especially when he looks in to her eyes. They asked to do some photos in their workout clothes since it’s how they met, and they sure do made LuLuLemon look good! (Even when being photobombed!)

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