Mark and Kendall | A Baseball Proposal

Mark and I (Cate) have known each other since high school, so when we reconnected in person (Facebook doesn’t count!) at a wedding of a mutual friend a couple of months ago, it was no surprise to me he hadn’t proposed to his girlfriend of 4 years yet. He takes all of the right steps to everything he does, and he takes his time to make sure it’s exactly how it needs to be. With Kendall, he knew it was right the moment he met her. But he wasn’t going to rush the proposal/engagement/wedding because he knew there were things they needed to finish first, like school, for example. So it was wonderful just talking with them at the wedding about life. I mean, they got up early before their friend’s wedding to go fishing because the weather was perfect for it. Kendall was telling me they’d gone looking for engagement rings but they weren’t quite going to get engaged yet… maybe in a few months or later in the year. I told them I’d keep my eye on Facebook for the big news.

It turns out I didn’t need to do that. Mark called me one day and told me his plan: he wanted to take Kendall to Kauffman Stadium for a tour before a Royals game and propose to her on the pitcher’s mound. Baseball has been part of his life since the little leagues and they met in College at the University of Kansas because he played baseball and she played softball. As always, he was one step ahead: He’d already been talking with the awesome people (HI TOM!) at the stadium to arrange it, it was just a matter of picking the day and he wanted John and me to be there to photograph it “because apparently girls like this.” I told him it’s true, as I look through our proposal photos and video at least once a week, and said we’ll absolutely be there.

They didn’t get to make it to the pitcher’s mound (game day/tour regulations) but the moment was so special. She hadn’t noticed us peeking around the dugout and it took her a second to realize the baseball Mark had been carrying around in his pocket wasn’t actually just in case they ran into players: he’d turned it into a box to hold the engagement ring. He cut it in half and put magnets in the bottom to hold the ring down and magnets around the outside to keep it closed.

Thank you so much to everyone at the Kauffman Stadium for your part in keeping us hidden from Kendall and keeping everything a surprise!

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