Mockingbird Hill Wedding :: Jefferson City, Mo

Here are some old photos from one of our favorite venues in Jefferson City, Missouri, Mockingbird Hill! I was fortunate to be able to photograph the reception at Mockingbird Hill, they only host a hand full of events in their barn during the year. It is a really cool reception venue and the grounds are beautiful which makes it an easy place to make beautiful photographs. Mockingbird Hill is located in the hills just outside of Jefferson City, Missouri.

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Ryan and Shelby Bopp - My fiance and I are staring to plan our wedding and we wondering if we could get some more information about your venue or maybe even set up a tour.

Thank you,
Ryan and Shelby Bopp

Brenda Irey - My daughter is getting married next year and I would like more information. Price, does it have restrooms, etc.

Joyce Rackers - I’m trying to get a phone number for a contact for Mockingbird Hill. Can you help me with this?
Thanks so much!

admin - Hi Joyce, unfortunately we do not have contact information for this location. Good luck!

admin - Hi Brenda, unfortunately we do not have any more information about this venue. We apologize, but congrats to your daughter!

Julie Heide - Can you give me any information on how to contact the folks at Mockingbird Hill, or, give me directions on how to get there?

admin - Hi Julie,
Unfortunately we do not have any information for that.

Elaine smith - I need to contact someone for a wedding reception.. Any numbers that would help me in my journey?

Ann Ball - Hi,

My name is Lexie Dunham. I was wanting to use your establishment to get married. I want to know the information:

1. Is the date May 17th or 24th open?
2. How much does it cost to rent your establishment?
3. How many people will the barn hold?
4. Do you provide the music for the wedding and the dance?

Ellen Taylor - Our daughter is looking for a place to hold her reception in October of 2015. Her cousin Bethany Cowley Thorne had her Wedding reception there also. We all enjoyed ourselves very much and were wondering if it would be available next fall? My number is 573-301-7055

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