Mr and Mrs The Photo Bus | Cutest Engagement Ever | John and Cate

(Written from Cate’s point of view)

It started out as a typical day, you know, in the world of The Photo Bus. We’d worked all day responding to inquiries, sending emails, and updating Facebook. The only difference was the interview session for The Photo Bus that we are working on. A couple of weeks ago John had me message my friend, Michael Ransdell, of Blue Coffee Pictures, to see if he would be available any time in the next two weeks for Round 2 of filming, which was the “interview” part. He picked a date and a time, and thankfully it matched up with our busy October schedule (because October is the new June for weddings, apparently). John’s best friend, Kyle Coburn, was in KC from Dallas for an engagement session, and I felt terrible that part of his time with John was taken up with some of our work for The Photo Bus, but he claimed it was no big deal. If he said it was no big deal, then it was no big deal… so filming we were going to do! He cleaned up his red beard, wore a shirt he wore the first night he cooked dinner for me, and kept asking me if I was sure I wanted to wear The Photo Bus T-shirt (of course I did… we were doing filming for the bus… why wasn’t he wearing his?!).

Clothing discrepancies aside, we went to one of our favorite views of downtown Kansas City and set both Mary Lou and April up with the KC skyline in the background. The temperature was in the 70′s, and it was PERFECT. I helped John roll up his sleeves, Mike and Joe set the cameras up, our friends Liz and Tanner were there to get some more b-roll footage and to be “extras” in the video, and we got started. Since John is the reason The Photo Bus company was created (even if it was accidental, as he was trying to market his wedding photography business, not his photo booths) he started the interviews while the rest of us watched on. They asked him about how he came up with the idea to put a photo booth inside of a VW bus, why he choose KC as his home since he is from Ohio… and so on. Then he was asked about Mary Lou Blue, the blue bus, which has to do with me.

… so it was my turn to jump in on the interviews! For some reason he kept missing important details, such as picking up April (the red bus) on the anniversary of his dad’s death, and picking up Mary Lou Blue (the blue bus) on what would have been my mom’s birthday had she not passed away… so I took over once he got a little choked up thinking about his dad and my mom.

The sun was quickly setting so the crew suggested we move to the inside of The Photo Bus, where the photo booth actually is, to do some more interviewing and “show how the photo booth works”. I’m so used to being the guinea pig as we test the focus, that while John went to pee (because apparently interviews make him very nervous), I jumped in the photo booth and took selfies… you know, no big deal.

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The cutest proposal ever inside a VW Bus photo booth.

The interviews continued by asking how The Photo Bus brought us together. (We met because of The Photo Bus during Wine Walk on Delaware in the KC River Market. I walked by the bus and he stopped me because he noticed I had a recently released camera. Five months later we met again on Delaware Street, and a couple of months later -after I realized the photos of the kids on his Facebook page are actually his nieces and nephew – we started dating). I mentioned the aforementioned story with a few more details, including a proposal that happened New Years Eve inside the bus, and then saying something along the lines of our relationship is because of The Photo Bus and eventually we’ll have babies in the bus… not IN the bus but the bus will be part of their lives… and then John says, “That’s actually why I’ve brought you here today. It’s to tell the story of The Photo Bus…”and then he gets on one knee… “… and to ask you to marry me!”

After I said, “really?!” I said, “you asked my dad!?!?!”. Of course he did. And of course my dad didn’t have his phone on him when we tried to FaceTime. But it’s the thought that counts, right?

We both knew we were going to spend the rest of our lives together after our first date, and I always thought I would know when the marriage proposal was going to happen. I mean, John DePrisco cannot keep a secret if his life depended on it… or so I thought. He tossed a Helzberg catalog to me just the other day and told me to pick out a ring, claimed he wanted to ask my dad in person (dad is coming in town in 2 weeks), and Kyle had an engagement session which is why he was in KC. Little did I know he bought a ring for me while I was in Moldova incorporating his grandmother’s diamond, spoke with dad on the phone as soon as he picked up the ring, and Kyle didn’t actually have an engagement photo shoot. And Mike, Joe, Liz, and Tanner? They were in on it the WHOLE time. As was our entire neighborhood on Delaware Street.

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WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!! … and the best part is this new chapter in our lives begins where it all started in the first place. So our story isn’t “just beginning”… it’s continuing from where it began.

CaraSue Hall - I am so in love with this story, the pictures and your love! The two of you are perfect and I am so happy for you!!

katie | wildflower - AHHHH!!! I loved reading every word of this. How cool that you had everything documented too… Amazing. Congrats to both of you, the photos with the buses in the background are fantastic. ;)

Faye Talbot - Great story! You are marrying a romantic. The ring is beautiful!

admin - Thank you, Ms Faye! He definitely is a romantic. :)

admin - Yes, he is pretty amazing if I do say so myself :) There is a video, too, but it’s going to take some time to be finished. We’re just too excited not to announce it with photos first!

admin - Awww CaraSue. We love you!

admin - Oh, and I forgot to say… the diamond in the middle is his grandma’s diamond!!! I love having a part of the family history with me forever!

Aunt Moe - Beth is smiling.

Lori Kindle - These two are so special! Great story…. xxxooooo

Katie - I don’t know you both but my family has enjoyed the photo bus and I just think this is one of the CUTEST engagements ever! Congratulations. :)

admin - Thank you for your sweet message, Katie!!! Hopefully we’ll see you at an event soon!!!

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Liz - YOU GUYS! It really was absolutely perfect!!! I love the photos! They captured the day perfectly! Tanner and I couldn’t be happier for you two! :) Love you both!

Andrea M. - Congrats to you both! Nice work Deprisco. Cate, you will be a stunning bride. Beautiful story and photography. Now the question is, who will shoot your wedding?!

Aunt Cathy - I love the story and all the pictures. You two are so cute together. How special to have John’s Grandma’s diamond.

admin - HAHA Andrea, that seems to be the question of the week! Kyle, who photographed the proposal, probably will… unless he gives in and listens to us when we say we want him to relax and enjoy the day! - Congratulations cousin, you both look soo happy! Enjoy this new adventure…..see you in NM soon.

Cousin Chrissy

Aunt Sandy & Art - Yea, Kansas City here we come. We are soooooo happy for you guys. Congrats!

Uncle Mike & Aunt Norma Jean - Congratulations…way cool engagement announcement and super photo presentation. You are both very creative artists and we wish you the very best now and forever! Keep those two VW’s separated for awhile until you decide on how many VW bug’s you’ll need to grow the business.
Uncle Mike & Aunt Norma Jean

Katie D. - LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!!

Anne Martin - So clever and adorable! Congratulations John!! So excited for you :)

Diane Schmidt - I loved the story and I love you! Congrats to both John and Cate! This is wonderful! How exciting!

Shari Crandell - Omg, love this story so much! Loved getting to know you both better during dinner in ABQ. We can tell how much you love each other and you both are wonderful! Congratulations!

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Kathryn Carpenter - Today is a good day to read your engagement story and to know I will be a part of your wedding day! I’m so excited to be a witness to your new beginning with John. And it started with the gift of taking pictures. Congratulations to you both. Kiley and I will see you this afternoon.

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