A Pregnancy Story | Kansas City, MO

Timing is everything, isn’t it?

Back in February John had been telling me about seeing one of his past brides in the neighborhood recently and he’d assumed she’d started a new job in the area. He was really hoping we’d run in to her together because he wanted to introduce me to her. A day or so later, we saw Santina (that’s the bride!) when we were having our morning coffee date at Quay Coffee. We were introduced and then she bent down and quietly asked if we do maternity photos. I looked down at her belly and it was flat as a board… I thought there was no way she was pregnant! Turns out, she was, and I was wrong once again;)I got all excited because we’d also just seen the maternity photos by Pete Laroche on “how a baby is made” that went viral and even though we are not typically newborn or maternity photographers, I threw out the idea to her of doing something fun and different… if she’d be up to it. Santina is so laid back and she couldn’t wait to get started. But we couldn’t come up with something creative that hadn’t already been done… and we needed to get started before she started showing any more. So, instead of doing one session we would a series of sessions to document the growing of their baby and the transformation of the guest room in to the baby’s nursery. I loved being there for the changes: taking out the guest bed, putting in the crib, picking out a paint color (and then deciding not to paint!), finding out they were having a boy (!!), putting up the vinyl jungle stickers designed by Santina’s sister, watching the home transform from a newly-ish-wed-grown-up-home to a brand new family home with baby toys throughout it, moving around Santina’s stuffed animals from her childhood room… and finally, baby Frank’s 2nd week of life.

This was something new and different to me (and us, really) but I loved every single minute of it.

So, CONGRATULATIONS to the new parents, Santina and Frank, on Baby Frank! It’s going to be so much fun watching the little man grow up through photos.

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Alexis - Those photos came out amazing! Beautiful sister, beautiful nephew, wonderful photographer! Great job!

Debi Johnson - i LOVE this!!!! Little “Chicina” is so cute and has so much hair!!!

Rozann Brancato - What a beautiful story. Know them both

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