Why the DVD of images isn’t always the best option

A friendly public service announcement from John and Cate: Print your digital photos.

This was perhaps a little stronger than a subtle reminder today as we sat down to watch some of my 2nd birthday on VHS because I was missing my loved ones that have passed on. I was pointing out family members to John that he’s met, such as my cousin, my aunt, my dad… and then getting teary-eyed at recognizing the voices of those that have passed on, such as my mom and my grandpa…  and then 2 minutes in the video cuts in to the 1992 Winter Olympics. I felt like it was April 1st and someone had played a joke on us. My jaw hit the floor in disbelief because someone (probably my sister or me) thought ice skating was more important to remember in 1992 than the home videos documenting our lives in 1989.

Why does this have to do with printing photos? Well, a lot. In order to watch the 1992 Olymp… I mean home video, we had to borrow a VHS player. Why? Because we don’t have one. In high school I began storing all of my images on hard drives because there were so many of them and they were digital. So why would I print them if I can always go back and look at them? Well, my very first hard drive is not longer recognized with the technology of today. All of those “recorded” memories are now lost in digital space because I don’t have an old computer with old software to access these files. With a simple emptying of the digital trash can or recycle bin, or “Yes, overwrite that file with the same name that oooooopppppsssss wasn’t the same file!!!” all photos are gone.

But a printed photo is there. It may be in a box and buried in an attic or a closet, but we’re most likely not going to throw away a box labeled “photos” on accident. Those printed photos will be with us through time and through generations, even as technology changes.

Please take the digital images we (or your photographers) give to you and print them, and take advantage of print credits if they’re given to you… it’s there so you use it and actually have images of your day on paper that will last through generations. The digital form is just a back up.

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